Information on necessary cookies

Some cookies are required to provide you with the basic functions of the website and, therefore, cannot be deactivated.

In detail, these cookies are as follows: 
CM_SESSIONID – CoreMedia Sessioncookie: This cookie is a session identifier and allows the server to allocate the right session to the user on reloading the website. Even if the website is opened in a new tab, the server can allocate the session number. This is a standard cookie of the product CoreMedia. 

cart - Shopping basket cookie: This cookie saves a session number, the publications selected and quantity chosen by the user. It is required to provide an existing shopping basket to an actual visitor on reloading the website. The cookie is only set once an item is put in the shopping basket. 

cookie-allow-necessary – A cookie to save the setting “Only necessary cookies”. Standard setting on visiting the website.

cookie-banner – Cookie to hide the cookie banner. Prevents the banner being shown again after loading the website.

Version: June 2020