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  • Olaf Scholz in the Bundestag

    Photo: imago images/photothek/ F. Zahn

    Tasks of the Chancellor

    As Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz is head of the German government. Find out more about his tasks and the principles of government action.

  • Blick von oben auf den Plenarsaal des Bundestages

    Photo: picture alliance / Kay Nietfeld

    The election of the Federal Chancellor

    Read more about how the Chancellor is elected here.

  • The Cabinet table

    Federal Cabinet

    The Chancellor and his ministers make up the Cabinet. Find out more about how the Cabinet works here

  • Model of the Chancellery and Chancellery Park

    Photo: Schultes Frank Architekten

    Extension of the Federal Chancellery

    The Federal Chancellery is to be extended, since the number of staff has risen sharply. The extension is to house 400 offices, a helipad and a postal and logistics service.

  • Bundeskanzler Konrad Adenauer während eines Pressestatements auf der Terrasse der Villa Hammerschmidt.

    Photo: Bundesregierung/Unterberg

    Federal Chancellors since 1949

    Embark on a journey through time and learn more about the chancellors since 1949 - from Adenauer to Scholz.